Corporate Social Responsibility

FAVunite TV is a streaming service focused specifically on communities of African Diaspora and Indigenous Peoples. We firmly believe that our organization has a responsibility to all stakeholders.

Responsibility to Our Subscribers and Contributors

FAVunite TV provides independent creators with a platform to showcase their content while allowing our members the opportunity to view that content from around the world. We want to expose viewers to the broader  diversity and richness of global cultures often underrepresented in mainstream media.

FAVunite TV would not exist without the support and partnerships from filmmakers and other contributors. We aim to empower our content creators and expand their opportunity for generating revenue.

Responsibility to Other Black-Owned Businesses

Black-owned businesses tend to face additional challenges which include lack of monetary capital, social capital and opportunities. FAVunite TV is a black-woman owned business and has experienced this firsthand. 

FAVunite TV promotions allows us to spotlight different Black-owned businesses and expose our audience to other organizations they may be interested in and want to support. FAVunite TV subscribers are typically interested in purchasing from Black-owned businesses and brands. 

A lack of marketing and advertising can also be a barrier to growth for Black-owned businesses. FAVunite TV is committed to providing special partnership with small Black-owned businesses.

Responsibility to Our Global Community

FAVunite TV values the idea of global citizenship as evidenced by our mission and vision. Corporate giving and philanthropy is important to us. We pledge to donate annually to a different United States based 501(c)(3) organization.