About Us

About Us

FAVunite TV is an OTT streaming platform of niche engaging content reflecting the African Diaspora and Indigenous Culture.

We are driven by fans, centered on artists, and brought together through numerous music, film, and venue platforms.

Our passion for independent artist development leads us to a new process to streamline the online connection between fans, artists, and venues.

We provide quality independent artists with a greater opportunity for overall success through their digital online presence.

We discover unrecognized talent from around the world. We look for culturally immersive indigenous artists and venues that bring their gifts to life.

We use fan engagement for marketing and advertising purposes, and a membership/subscription loyalty model to maintain and expand viewership. Our revenue streams include channel distribution fees, pay-per-subscription paid advertising, and merchandise.

We support content creators with limited access to have their work seen.

We offer selected viewers the opportunity to provide support and feedback to their favorite artists. Artists and Venues gain access to data they can use to promote their brands.  

FAVUnite TV is dedicated to being a champion for culture around the world. We believe that fans are looking for diverse content and should be empowered to view, follow and promote that content that speaks to a true narrative and not the one that has been prescribed.